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How to keep mattress clean and in good shape

A high quality mattress does not come cheap and when you buy it you expect it to serve you faithfully for many years. Moreover, many leading manufacturers provide you with a warranty that enables you to replace a faulty mattress. But as expected this warranty comes with a lot of strings attached and we are here to educate you on how to keep it valid.

Assuming that there is no need for your mattress to take a trip back to its manufacturer why should you bother to look after it? The reason is simple: for your own good. It has been shown that mattresses are a sanctuary for allergens like dead skin cells, mold, and dust mites.

When these allergens are breathed into sensitive respiratory systems trips to your family doctor become the norm. Whatever your reasons, maintaining a clean mattress is an integral part of general hygiene so allow us to guide you through the process.

Play Your Part and Keep your Home Bed Bugs Free

In a nutshell, keeping your mattress in good shape requires interplay between you and your carpet or mattress cleaner. Let’s begin with what you as an individual can do for your mattress:

  • Get to Know Your Mattress

Yes, warranties can be a bit complicated but it is advisable that you spend some time reading through yours. This is the only way that you will get to know what is covered and what isn’t. You should also not cut any labels from the mattress because the manufacturer may need to see them if there is trouble.

  • Support Your Mattress

A great mattress plus a rickety bed equals a load of disappointment. If you want to get the most out of your mattress then you must ensure that you support it well. Check your support for any damage and repair what can be repaired. If push comes to shove then buy yourself a new bed and sleep like a baby.

  • Cover Your Mattress

When buying a new mattress make sure that you also invest in a high quality mattress protector. It will keep dirt from seeping into the mattress and also maintain the allure of the mattress’s fabric.

  • Set Some Rules

Do not bring food to bed. This habit is not only bad for your waistline but it also encourages spillages that may ruin your mattress. Along the same lines you should not allow your pets to snuggle with you in your bed.

We are not implying that they are not well taken care of but their fur may get embedded in your mattress causing you unnecessary problems. Most importantly, be careful where you hang out; you don’t want to bring bedbugs home as they can render your beautiful mattress unusable.

  • Change Your Sheets

Nothing beats the feeling of falling asleep on a clean set of sheets! But you are not the only one appreciating their freshness; your mattress is also celebrating. This is because dirty sheets transfer their grime to your mattress so listen to the experts and don’t sleep on the same sheets for more than two weeks

  • Clean On The Go

Regularly check your mattress for stains and wash them off promptly using appropriate cleaning agents. You should also make a point of vacuuming the mattress at least once every three months to slow down the accumulation of allergens inside it.

Bring in the Pros

In spite of all your efforts allergens will eventually find their way into the depths of your mattress. Vacuuming and changing your bedsheets will not lure them out. Your only option is to call your carpet or mattress cleaner who has the skills to deep clean your mattress.

Professional cleaners have the equipment to reach the deepest parts of your mattress without damaging it. They also use chemicals that are effective but gentle on its fabric. You need not attempt to deep clean your mattress for yourself. Let the pros handle it because they do it best. If you got a Bed Bugs problem, call the experts at Pest Force now.

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