Pest Library

Learn to identify common pests – understand their diets, habits and find effective ways to control them.

If you’re trying to identify a certain pest you’ve spotted around your house, or simply figure out what has been causing you specific damage, than Pest Force Pest Library is the right tool for you.

The Pest Library provides you with educational background information on the most common pests found in households or commercial buildings. If you’re looking for preventative methods or action plans, and have been unsuccessful in your attempts with store-bought pest products, the Pest Library will provide you with a specific technique to rid you of a specific pest.

Pest ForcePest ForcePest ForcePest Force


Bed Bugs

Carpet Beetles


Pest ForcePest ForcePest ForcePest Force

Cat Dogs Fleas




Pest ForcePest ForcePest ForcePest Force

Sow Bugs


Social Wasps


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