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AntThe Pharaoh ant is a small ant, measuring from 1.5 to 2 mm (1/16th to 1/12th an inch) in size. The workers are all one size (monomorphic). The Pharaoh ants colour varies from golden yellow to reddish. Pharaoh ants originated in and derive from the tropics, meaning they can not survive outside in Canada year round.



Scientific Name

Monomorium Pharaonis


Females mate and procreate in the nest, and new colonies are formed by “budding.” Budding means that part of the main colony moves to a new location, and there can be up to hundreds of thousands of ants in one colony.

A female produces 350-400 eggs in her lifetime. The entire life cycle is completed in 38 to 45 days. The life span of workers is approximately nine to ten weeks, and queens live four to twelve months.

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