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With summer around the corner, How to keep mice out of your commercial space

One or two mice peeking out of their hiding house is an adorable sight and for centuries humans have found it impossible to resist their dark eyes and delicate fur. Mice are common household pets that do not do much harm when kept under close supervision.

Trouble starts when they become uninvited guests in our buildings and breed uncontrollably while feeding on everything from wood to papers and soft plastics. They can quickly damage office equipment and chew on electrical wiring resulting in fires. Moreover, they carry diseases like Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis which can at times be fatal.

Don’t Let Them In

The problem with mice is that once they get into your premises forcing them to leave is often an up-hill task. Your best defense against them is to keep them from gaining access to your building and here are a few ideas on how to do that:

  • Practice Proper Hygiene

Do not leave food lying around your office or premises. Make a habit of emptying all trash cans before you call it a day. You should also encourage your staff and colleagues to store their food in tightly sealed containers. Remember that mice are nocturnal animals that come out to play when the lights go out so make sure you do not lure them into your building with the aroma of somebody’s half-eaten lunch.

  • Mouse Proof

Conduct a thorough inspection of your building and note any damaged areas through which mice may gain entry. Do not forget to check your ceilings and ducts while you arrange to have the appropriate repairs carried out ASAP.

Besides this, you should barricade your commercial space with rodenticides and traps. You can place cotton balls immersed in peppermint oil at possible entry points. Mice cannot stand its strong smell and will not come near it. Better still you could have peppermint plants in your building provided that your staff and colleagues can tolerate their presence.

  • De-clutter

The more stuff there is in your building the easier it will be for mice to make a comfortable home for themselves. They will be able to stay hidden for ages before you realize that you have a problem.

  • Be Alert

If you have had mice issues in the past then you need to constantly check their hideouts to see if they have returned. Believe it or not, mice remember their former neighborhoods. They often ‘spy’ on buildings where they once lived and if they find a way in then you are in for a rude shock.

  • Take The Fight Outside

Inspect the area surrounding your property for mice burrows and if you are able to identify them then you should immediately begin to eradicate the mice using rodenticides. However, keep in mind that these chemicals are poisonous and can harm unsuspecting animals and children. Exercise caution as you use them and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

Let Someone Help You

Tiny as they are, mice often outsmart humans. They are inquisitive little fellas that will investigate everything in their paths. Their sense of smell is highly impressive and in spite of all your efforts they can easily sniff out edible parts of your building and gnaw their way into your space.

Once they are in you can try your luck at kicking them out by yourself but your chances of success may not be very high. This is especially true if you are dealing with a complicated building that has been infested by large numbers of mice.

Your best option is to call in professional pest removers or exterminators. They are trained to deal with the most complex scenarios besides having the tools to deal with the problem head-on. They know that complete eradication of mice is an ongoing process that needs patience and they will avail their services to you until the last mouse is dead and forgotten.

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