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First let me apologize to those of you who thought you’d be clicking in to the continuance of my latest series titled Route # 9 depicting my humble beginnings as a route technician. Don’t worry, part one and part two are only 1/2 of what transpired and when you read about some of the things I saw when I finally got on my own, you’ll wonder why I even stayed with the job.

But for now, I’m so proud and excited to bring to you our first full fledged and ‘paying’ sponsor to my humble little blog that I just couldn’t wait to share them with you. You know, it’s not everyday you have someone who ponies up actual money to advertise on your site–well Ok, it is everyday for sites like PCT or PMP but are you going to really read all those well researched articles written by reliable professionals or my half baked stuff?…Hey I don’t see them having a bunch of crazy pics they got off of google images, do you?…. Ok how bout, it’s not everyday that someone trusts your info enough to align their good name with you…eh-em, alright so Univars pestweb has that but that’s just because that dastardly “Ask Mr. Pest Control” has the nerve to use actual facts and real knowledge…ugh. and what’s up with the ‘Master Technician’ feature? Well you might as well sign up since I gave you the link–I’ve only taken 58 tests–they haven’t really helped–naaaaw… C’mon, are you going to waste your time furthering your knowledge when you could be filling your head with my mindless stories? I’d say not.

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