Rodent infestation and control

Signs You May Have a Rodent Infestation

Rodents are some annoying creatures especially when they start gnawing in the middle of the night. They are a great embarrassment to any homeowner when they say roam around the house especially when one has guests. These creatures are sneaky creatures; you will not know when they enter your house. However, there are certain signs or activities that betray them. Let’s talk about the notorious mice or rat that gives you sleepless nights.

Signs of Rodents’ Presence in Your Premises

These are signs such as:

  • shredded paper material
  • chewed up food packages  
  • gnawing marks on structures

If you are keen at night, you might hear noise made by rodents. Rodents are active at night. They gnaw or scratch on wooden structures and other harder surfaces to sharpen their small teeth. Their movement at night, in search of food, do produce noise when in contact with plastic paper bags or utensils.

When rodents get inside your house, they establish nests. These nests are characterized by twigs, grass paper and food debris they find in your house. The nests are mostly located near water or food, especially in wooden bathroom doors if closer to your kitchen. Around this area, they will leave behind piles of debris after feeding and this shows you have dirty, unexpected guests. Some people can detect the smell of mouse urine which comes with a strong smell similar to that of ammonia.

If you are keen enough, you might find small round and dark matter scattered in your kitchen surfaces or cupboard. The small matters, mixed with debris, are rodent droppings. If the rodent nests in your bathroom door, you will find small piles of sawdust at the base. At times sawdust is combined with the droppings. The rodents can also leave greasy marks on your walls which consists of dirt and urine.


How They Can Be Removed

If your intention is to remove the rodents from your house, then your next move should be to starve them. You can starve rodents by cleaning your house and utensils regularly, and drying up all dump surfaces. When wrapping your food for storage, use metallic containers and other material that rodents can’t destroy.  Lack of food and water supply, makes your home hostile to them and eventually they will migrate for greener pastures.

If rodents nest in your house for shelter, then you need to get a suitable predator such as a cat. However, some families do have members that are allergic to pets. Your next bet would be to use mouse traps, mouse repellant plants or rodent treatment. Any chemical treatment is best done by professionals to avoid cases of poisoning.

Your house is considered highly infested when rodents start playing hide and seek with you, in your own house. These nocturnal creatures are experts at hiding, it might take you days or even weeks to suspect their existence. With this reason, you need a professional pest control or pest extermination services to get rid of them. An experienced pest control technician can easily smell a rat from far. Professionals know where to check for rodents such as basements, cellars, lofts, eaves, attics, kitchens, laundries and cavity walls. House mice can also nest outside your house, for instance in:

  • garages
  • sheds
  • compost pits
  • overgrown vegetation

Professional Pest Removal Company

A professional pest removal company can do the job efficiently and properly. They will help you identify tracks or runways that rodents use to assess their nests or get food. They will help you seal off every holes or gaps that act as passages for the rodents. They can also help you determine the best environmentally friendly solution for removing notorious rodents without affecting your family. As you familiarize yourself with these signs, purpose to schedule an inspection with your pest removal company. Indeed, your situation can be handled using less costly and time conscious solutions.

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