Common Winter Pest Problems

Winter is the time of the year where most families remain in their homes to avoid harsh elements brought about by the cold weather. Nevertheless, the change in temperature can make critters and creatures to look for shelter in your premises. Most pests look for houses to call homes so they can avoid the dangers that come with the cold. Winter pest control from professional pest exterminators is very crucial for homeowners trying to protect their families from an unwanted guest. Below are some of the common issue winter pest control issues that you are likely to encounter during the winter.


When the temperature starts to go down, mice and rats start now to look for a comfortable place to stay warm. These pests can be burden year around, but during the winter period, they will enter your home in large number due to the freezing temperatures. Rodents will commonly hide in small dark areas of your premises making them difficult to detect fast. If the infestation is not controlled in time, these pests can ring up the tab. Rats are known for chewing through wires, furniture and drywall, leading to costly damage. Hiring a professional pest exterminator service can help you avoid dealing with high expenses and repairs for your residence.


If you have ever seen a racoon anywhere near your premises or in your neighborhood, you are at risk for an attack. During the winter period, these creatures look for warm hiding places to use as a den. Racoons can create a nest in your home for three to four weeks at a time. Getting a professional pest control service can protect you, your family and pets from the damage caused by these creatures. Having proper prevention methods, you will never see a racoon anywhere near your family and your prized property.


Termites are a common issue for homeowners and have the capability of causing vast damage to your home structure. These pests do attack during the warm period, but during the winter they are known to reproduce indoors. Leaking pipes, wood and open water source are well known to lure the pest and cause possible infestations. Hiring a professional pest exterminator service will give you a plan to prevent these pests from invading your residence.


No matter the time of the year, spiders are an unwanted guest to anyone’s premises. In the winter, most homeowners usually start to see an inrush of these tiny eight-legged creatures. These pests require smaller openings than rodents and racoons to get into your home. They like to hide in small, dark and dusty places. Hiring a professional pest extermination service can help you avoid an infestation in your home during the winter.

Other pests that can invade your home during the winter include:

  • Firewood pests
  • Bedbugs
  • Fruit fly and
  • Moth fly

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