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A reddish-brown color oval shaped small insect is known as Bed Bugs. They are very dangerous. Their scientific name is Cimex lectularius, a Latin term, which means the bug and bed. They are small wingless insects, which can grow up to half an inch long. This oval shaped small insect feed by the blood of all warm blooded animals. It can be said that we humans are the best host for them. The bedbug is usually seen in all types of dwelling, starting from small private houses to big hotels. Their preferred place to stay are bed mattresses, sofas and other soft furnishing.

The bugs suck the blood in a very clever and painless manner. Most of them start their work when their hosts are sleeping. But the worst part is that while feeding on their hosts, they inject some kind of saliva into the host’s body. The host may get a skin eruption or a kind of skin allergy by the same.

The allergy sometimes likes just similar to a mosquito or flea bites. So many times people get confused and think the same as a mosquito bite, where the true culprit was someone else. The insect grows well in a temperate climate. So, commonly they are found in tropical regions.

Bed bugs reproduce by hypodermic insemination. They grow by the fertilization process in which the male ejaculates sperm into anywhere the cavity of the female body, which diffuse through the body and reaches the ovaries.
They are able to reproduce by laying 5 eggs per day. Research shows that a female bed bug can lay more than 500 eggs during her lifetime. The eggs are milky-white in color and about 1 mm long and are clearly visible to the human eyes. It does not take more than two weeks to hatch the eggs. The baby bugs start feeding once they are hatched. A baby bed bug passes through five molting stages to reach its maturity. A matured bug can only reproduce. Then need five weeks to reach maturity at a dwelling environment.

If you really want to get rid of the peril of the Bed Bug infestation, then try all the means of intervention when the bed bug population is low. The best way of eradicating the same is by hiring the professionals. They vacuum the bed bugs by removing them and their eggs as well from the carpet, sofa, walls and mattresses, which do not allow them to grow again. Then the vacuum bags are disposed off in a sealed garbage bag, do not allow them to escape. The process can only reduce the population of the bed bugs, but it’s not a permanent solution to the problem. The long term treatment of the issue is to take the help of a professional pest control company.

They do have proper knowledge of detecting the bed bug infestations. They have the specialized equipment needed to remove the menace. To get rid of the nuisance, it is advisable to have minimum two professional treatments. As there is a possibility of the reappearing of the bed bugs, the homeowner should keep a watch over them after the initial treatment. The professional people use some chemical treatments, to eradicate the bed bugs completely.

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